Earthquake response

MainPower is currently in day three of our emergency response after the Monday morning earthquake.

Day one (Monday 14 November) was spent carrying out visual assessments of lines, poles and other network equipment to determine the extent of the damage and to ensure the immediate safety of the community. In remote areas, some of these assessments were carried out from the air. As the assessments were completed, work plans were put in place to repair any damage and get the power back on to the residents of North Canterbury and Kaikoura.

Areas with affected power supplies have included Hanmer, Kaikoura, Waiau, Culverden, Cheviot and the surrounding areas, with close to 7,000 homes and businesses left without power immediately after the Monday morning earthquake.

By the end of Monday 14 November, this number was reduced to around 2,000 once Hanmer, Culverden, Cheviot and much of the Kaikoura township had their power safely restored.

By the end of Tuesday 15 November, the majority of the Waiau township had power restored by MainPower staff.

MainPower has depots and staff permanently located in Kaikoura and Culverden, as well as our main site in Rangiora. Crews have been diverted from their regularly scheduled work and deployed to earthquake affected areas. This has included airlifting additional staff and equipment into Kaikoura to support the reparation efforts there.

Regularly scheduled work will resume once the emergency response has been completed. Information will be available on the planned outages page on the MainPower website, via your electricity retailer or by calling us on (03) 311 8300.

At the time of writing (Wednesday 16 November), around 1,200 North Canterbury residents remain without power in the Hurunui and areas surrounding Kaikoura. MainPower crews continue to work in shifts to safely restore power to these communities.

We would like to thank the people of North Canterbury and Kaikoura for their encouragement, support and understanding throughout this time.

While MainPower has been focused on getting boots on the ground and repair work completed, it has also been heartening to see the community rallying together to do what they can for those most affected by the quakes. Rangiora-based Miss Lilly's Mobile Boutique Catering is one such group that has rolled up their sleeves in an effort to get food and supplies into Kaikoura. The team have been collecting donations and airlifting them in via helicopter.