Getting creative at the Rangiora Festival of Colour

The Rangiora Festival of Colour is all abut bringing the community together!

The festival will be held for the first time in Rangiora on 24 March - it is based on a traditional festival that is celebrated worldwide with participants throwing vibrant colour and playing traditional games. The Festival of Colour will focus on bringing life and colour to Rangiora and celebrating its diversity.

Festival organisers are working with local artists to create an exciting art competition, which MainPower is proud to support.

The MainPower Art Competition is open to anyone under the age of 18. Prizes include $500 cash for the best artwork all ages, and $100 worth of art supplies for those under 12!

The theme of the competition is "Colour" and the increasingly multicultural nature of North Canterbury.

For more info and to register visit the Rangiora Festival of Colour website.