Network maintenance is a key part of keeping electricity flowing to the homes and businesses of North Canterbury. MainPower carries out network maintenance and upgrades year round. Below is a summary of some of our larger projects. For more information, please refer to our current Asset Management Plan.

Southbrook Substation upgrade

Duration: 2019-2020

Key activities:
During 2019, work on this project has included:

  • completing the design of a MainPower 66/11kV zone substation
  • procuring system equipment
  • geotechnical works
  • compound and earthing works
  • other civil works including switch room and control room

Next steps: In 2020, equipment will be installed.

Outcome: This project will improve network reliability and security of supply in the surrounding Southbrook and Rangiora regions.

Kairaki and Pines Beach

Duration: November 2019-March 2020

Key activities:

  • Digging trenches
  • Laying cables
  • Replacing some power poles with underground cables
  • Installing some new power poles
  • General equipment upgrades and maintenance

Outcome: This work is part of MainPower ongoing network maintenance programme.