09 January 2017

During the summer months, Kiwis love spending time outdoors doing household maintenance, boating or playing with the kids. It’s important to look up and look out for power lines when you’re out and about.

“The key rule to remember is to make sure you maintain a minimum safe distance of at least 4 metres between yourself, any equipment you might be using and power lines,” says MainPower Operations Manager Rob Wilson.

In certain situations, equipment does not actually need to touch lines to cause major damage or injury, as electricity can arc through the air.

“The November earthquake has drastically changed the landscape in the North Canterbury and Kaikoura region. We’re urging people to be more aware of their surroundings, as network equipment like power poles and lines may have moved,” adds Wilson.

Some summer safety tips to keep you and your family safe around electricity:

  • Watch out for overhead lines around boat ramps, mastheads or when towing your boat on land.
  • Never throw items onto power lines or attempt to retrieve them.
  • Don't let the kids climb trees that are close to power lines.
  • If you think power lines are too low or would like the height checked, contact MainPower immediately.
  • Park trucks and large vehicles away from overhead power lines and work as much as possible away from lines and poles.
  • When moving tall machinery, choose the route where power lines are high enough to give adequate clearance and always have lifting equipment in a lowered position before moving it under electrical lines.

For more information about keeping safe around the electricity network, see our resources here.