Tuahiwi Network Upgrade

MainPower will begin work on a planned upgrade of the electricity network in Tuahiwi next week.

From Thursday 16 June to Wednesday 29 June, the planned work will take place along Tuahiwi Road and includes upgrading the existing conductor (power lines) and power poles to cope with greater capacity.

The work is part of a larger project to ensure security of electricity supply to the rapidly growing Woodend and Pegasus areas. The upgrade will ensure both power quality and the safety of the community will be maintained.

Once work commences, traffic management will be in place from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the work period.

Planned power interruptions will also be required. Customers affected by planned power interruptions will be notified by letter by their electricity retailer in advance.

We appreciate that outages are inconvenient and where possible we will work on the live network to maintain your power supply while we complete the upgrade. Our staff will work as quickly and safely as possible to minimise any inconvenience to customers.

During a power outage we recommend that you:

  • Treat all electric lines as live during the power outage period. Power will be restored as soon as the work is completed which might be earlier than the time specified.
  • If you have medical support equipment that is dependent on electricity, be ready with your back-up plan to maintain the use of your equipment.
  • Shut off or disconnect all sensitive equipment (computers, televisions etc) before the outage begins, to reduce the risk of damage from power surges that can occur when power is restored.
  • Minimise the opening of fridge/freezer doors to maintain the temperature. Food will keep for at least one day if seals are in good condition.
  • Turn off any major appliances like washing machines or heat pumps, prior to the outage. This will prevent them from unexpectedly coming on when the power is restored.
  • Make sure all heat-producing appliances (for example, ovens, irons and hair straighteners) are turned off. This will minimise any fire hazard if the power is restored while you’re away.
  • Notify your alarm and phone company as alarm phone systems can be affected.
  • Make sure you know how to override or manually operate security gates and automatic garage doors.
  • If you have a generator, please follow general safety guidelines and never use a generator indoors.