What should I do if I have no hot water?

After an outage, it can take up to 6 hours for a hot water cylinder to reheat once power has been restored after an outage. If you have no hot water:

  • Check that your hot water cylinder is on.
  • If your hot water cylinder is heated by gas then contact a registered plumber.
  • If your hot water cylinder is heated by electricity then please call MainPower on 0800 30 90 80.

What is ripple control?

MainPower may use ripple control at times to manage load on our network. If you have a ‘controlled circuit’ in your home it will probably be connected to your hot water cylinder. The ripple relay is used to switch water heater power off at peak times - like on cold winter nights when demand for electricity is highest and at times when faults mean less power is available in the local area.

MainPower provide a 24 hour fault response service. Please note, some fault response services may incur a cost, though this is generally only the case when the customer's property or actions have caused the fault.