From June to August 2022, we will be carrying out aerial network surveys across the MainPower network. This will allow us to monitor the condition of our assets, identify potential issues and resolve them before they cause harm or outages. This information will also assist in understanding the wider effects of climate change and vegetation growth.

Surveys will begin on 27 June, in the Kaikōura area, and will move down the network until completion in mid-August (weather permitting). You can find estimated dates for area-specific surveys below.

Please note, in the event of bad weather or technical difficulties, this work will be rescheduled.

How will the surveys be carried out?

Surveys will be completed using a camera mounted to a helicopter flying approximately 270 metres above electricity assets. The helicopter will be flying continuously while collecting images of the electricity network assets such as poles and wires.

The images captured will be used to create a 3D model of the MainPower network. The model will help us continue to provide a safe and resilient network by checking for defects, and monitoring vegetation that has the potential to grow into lines.

Helicopters in your area

We’re conscious that helicopters might disturb animals or planned events and want to minimise any inconvenience as much as possible.

Below is an indication of when we plan to be flying over specific areas of the network. Throughout the project, this page will be updated with the most up-to-date information. However, if you would like more details about when the helicopter will be flying near your property, you can fill in the form below and we will get in touch with more information.

Estimated helicopter flight areas and dates

27 June - 12 July

Kaikoura, Hapuku, Mangamaunu, Half Moon Bay, Peketa, Goose Bay, Oaro, Hundalee Inland Road, Stag And Spey, Mt Lyford Village, Waiau, Rotherham, Tekoa Range, Hanmer Springs, Island Hills, Culverden, Balmoral, The Peaks, Mason Flats, Virginia, MacDonald Downs, Hawarden, Waikari, Scargill, Waipara, Greta Valley, Motunau, Domett, Gore Bay, Cheviot, Lowry, Hills Range, Spotswood, Parnassus, Hawkswood

13 July - 26 July

Glasnevin, Amberley, Waikuku, Woodend, Kaiapoi, Ohoka, Rangiora, Loburn, Okuku, Cust, West Eyreton, Eyrewell Forest, Glentui, Oxford, Coopers Creek, View Hill, Lees Valley

Have a question about the upcoming surveys?

Get in touch.

Please note – by submitting this form you agree for your information to be provided to the contractor undertaking the work on behalf of MainPower, and to MainPower, to contact you now and in the future should similar work be undertaken your area.


When will the helicopter fly over my place?

You can find more specific information about when the helicopter will be in specific areas at the top of the page. However, if you have specific concerns about the helicopter flying over your property, such as whether it will disturb animals, please use the form above to contact us. If flight plans change due to bad weather or technical difficulties, this page will be updated with the most recent information.

Who is carrying out the work?

MainPower has commissioned experienced survey provider, Aethon Aerial Solutions Limited, to complete this work. Aethon is working with Christchurch Helicopters to complete the flights using a helicopter fitted with Aethon’s AIC system.

Will you be taking photos of my property?

Your privacy will not be impacted by our survey work. We are only taking photos of our poles and crossarms, not residential properties. The photos are for internal asset assessment purposes only and are held in a secure location.

How low will the helicopter fly?

As per Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requirements, the helicopter will only be flying in open-air space. That means it will fly above 270 metres.

How can I raise concerns about this project?

Please use the contact form on this page to get in touch.