Your responsibility

MainPower is responsible for any repairs or faults that occur on our network.

Power lines, poles and other electricity supply equipment (e.g. transformers) that are located on private property are the responsibility of the property's owner.

Service lines connect properties to the MainPower network. They can be either overhead lines or underground cables.

Who is responsible?

MainPower generally own the lines, poles and equipment up to the point of supply, which is usually the isolating fuse or point located either on the boundary of your property or on the pole nearest to your property. The property owner owns the service line between the point of supply and the meter.

If you have concerns regarding the condition of any of this equipment, call MainPower on 0800 30 90 80. We can inspect and advise you if there are any maintenance requirements.

Old and poorly maintained lines, and those close to trees, are the ones most likely to be damaged in bad weather. Damaged lines not only cause power loss to your home or business, but they can also be a safety hazard. Items such as meters are the responsibility of your electricity retailer. At industrial or rural sites, we generally own and maintain the high voltage overhead lines/underground cables, switchgear and transformers on these


Completing a visual check of poles and equipment

It is recommended that property owners carry out periodic visual checks to ensure that the service lines and the poles supporting the overhead lines on their property, are in good order. These checks should include checking that power lines are not in close proximity to trees.

Never trim trees that are too close to, or that are overhanging power lines or service lines – MainPower can provide a free inspection of your trees and quote for trimming work. To ensure your safety, only MainPower approved contractors are permitted to access service boxes, link boxes, kiosks, climb poles or access pole fuses. If you notice anything unsafe, call MainPower on 0800 30 90 80.

Unsafe service lines
MainPower carries out regular safety inspections on our distribution network, this can sometimes require the inspection of poles and equipment on private property.

MainPower is obliged to notify the property owner of the state of the equipment and what work may be required to make them safe.

If you have completed a visual check of service lines or poles on your property and notice something you think is unsafe, call MainPower on 0800 30 90 80 immediately.

  • Maintenance is required to ensure both your safety and the reliability of the electricity supply to your property.
  • You are responsible for the maintenance and repair of lines and equipment on your property.
  • Having a defective overhead service line is a good opportunity to consider placing your services underground.

Any repair or replacement work needs to be completed by a qualified contractor with experience working with overhead and underground power line systems. Always remember: Touching live power lines can result in serious injury or death. Please ensure that you engage qualified contractors to carry out work near power lines.

A print out of this information is available here.