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Who can make a nomination?

Any resident of North Canterbury (i.e. customers of MainPower) or representatives of the organisation being nominated.

Who is a priority customer?

Special consideration is given to the continuity of supply to customers whose health or livelihood could be adversely affected by an interruption. Priority customers include those who maintain essential services as well as medically dependent customers. Customers with serious medical...

Why are changes to network charges necessary?

MainPower continues to re-invest in the network and the network continues to grow, with more than 600 new customers forecast to connect to the network in the coming year. The need to increase investment in network development and maintenance, and Transpower’s increase in transmission charges,...

Why do power outages occur?

There are two types of power outage, planned and unplanned. Planned power outages occur when we need to complete maintenance work on the network. If you will be affected by a planned outage, you will receive a notification from your chosen electricity retailer in advance. Unplanned...