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Why are changes to network charges necessary?

MainPower continues to re-invest in the network and the network continues to grow, with more than 600 new customers forecast to connect to the network in the coming year. The need to increase investment in network development and maintenance, and Transpower’s increase...

Why do power outages occur?

There are two types of power outage, planned and unplanned. Planned power outages occur when we need to complete maintenance work on the network. If you will be affected by a planned outage, you will receive a notification from your chosen electricity retailer in advance. Unplanned...

Why do schools need to nominate a specific project, activity or event?

As we receive so many nominations for schools, understanding exactly what the funds would be used for will help to differentiate when shortlisting finalists. This will help North Canterbury voters to make a more informed decision on where to cast their vote rather than simply selecting the name...

Why does MainPower control load on the network?

MainPower continuously monitors the load across the electricity distribution network of North Canterbury. When necessary, adjustments are made to ensure a continuous supply of electricity for the region. Load control helps to keep the cost of distributing electricity as low as possible.

Will you be taking photos of my property?

Your privacy will not be impacted by our survey work. We are only taking photos of our poles and crossarms, not residential properties. The photos are for internal asset assessment purposes only and are held in a secure location.