13 Minute Helipad Campaign

The 13 Minute helipad campaign, an initiative of the Māia Health Foundation, is the biggest and boldest crowd fundraising campaign the South Island has ever seen.

Māia Health Foundation has pledged to raise $500,000 between 3 March and 14 April for the 13 minute campaign. Together, if they raise $500,000 Rātā Foundation will match it. That’s $1 million toward getting hospital care quicker.

Christchurch Hospital is NZ’s largest trauma centre and the only tertiary hospital in New Zealand without a helipad on site. A rooftop helipad for the Christchurch Hospital is needed as it saves approximately 13 minutes’ ambulance transfer time from the current helipad at Hagley Park, meaning life saving measures are provided instantly on touchdown at the hospital for trauma patients and a quicker transition to full care for routine transfers.

You never know when you or someone you love may need to be airlifted to Christchurch Hospital for urgent medical treatment – you’ll want to get there as quick as possible. Minutes matter.

The use of helicopters for emergencies and patient transfers has increased 40% over the last three years. We need a helipad that will cope with future demand for this service.

Your contribution is important; every dollar makes a difference to someone in need!

To support the campaign visit the Māia website.

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